Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal – Cleansing the body in one day

Poor food, polluted environment, bad habits – all this leads to slagging of the human body in a little bit, but every day. As is known, there are quite a lot of methods and means for purifying the digestive system and the body as a whole from the accumulated harmful substances and toxins. One of them is activated charcoal distinguished by its availability and effectiveness.

The method is that activated charcoal is used to cleanse the body. This method received only positive reviews. It is simple and does not cause any more side effects in a more or less healthy body.

For allergy sufferers, activated charcoal tablets are used to reduce allergic reactions. They have immunity, lymphocytes in the blood, itching, and swelling disappear.

It is important to know! Reception of activated charcoal tablets stains a chair in black. This is normal and should not be frightened.

Activated charcoal is the most natural, environmentally friendly and cheap means for cleaning the body. But even it needs to be used carefully, because uncontrolled use of activated charcoal can damage the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cleaning the liver

When using activated charcoal as a remedy, it helps patients who suffer from cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis.

To clean the liver should take on the first day of treatment, only 1 tablet, on the second day of 2 tablets and so on, gradually increase the dose. In all the days that follow, the pills are swallowed in the morning on an empty stomach and washed down with two glasses of water. In total, the course of treatment lasts 10 days, after which you should take probiotics. Read also:

During the course you should follow a diet. It is necessary to give up fatty, smoked and fried foods. It is better to include more vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Activated charcoalWhen cleaning the liver with activated charcoal, you must follow a diet

Terms of reception of the activated coal for organism purification are of great importance, since. According to the patients, an overdose of vomiting and dizziness begins.

Cleansing the blood

Hemosorption is the purification of blood with activated charcoal. The process consists in distilling the blood of a person through a column filled with coal. Then the purified blood returns to the body.

As a result of hemosorption, the patient’s condition improves significantly. This process should be carried out with such diseases: allergy, blood and heart disease, poisoning, burns, hepatitis, pancreatitis and many others.

Cleaning of the intestine

Activated charcoal can alleviate the condition of the patient with diarrhea, bloating, with various poisoning by fungi or metals. These pills should be in any medicine cabinet. A total of 2-4 tablets will help cope with any poisoning and ease the condition.

Reception of tablets is carried out within 3 days, and at stronger poisonings – within 12 days. They should be washed down with plain water. Tablets are not suitable for poisoning with pesticides and acidic substances, as well as with febrile diarrhea.

Toxicologists offer the following prescription for cleaning the gastrointestinal tract from toxins. It is necessary to dissolve 10 tablets in 50 g of boiled water and add 1 g of paraffin oil. It is better to drink the mixture on an empty stomach and wash down with a glass of water. Drink the composition should be 1 time per day for 8 days.

This mixture gives a laxative effect, but the intestine is completely cleansed not only from toxins, but also from substances that cause fermentation.

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