Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal mask prepare at home

If you are familiar with the rules of applying activated charcoal mask and with contraindications, then it’s time to get acquainted with the variants of charcoal masks …

Activated charcoal classic mask

Let’s start, perhaps, with the classic version of preparing masks without any additives. Powder a couple of activated charcoal tablets, dilute with milk, add gelatin and put on a water bath. The consistency of gruel should get thick so that it does not drain from the face!

Activated charcoal with gelatin

Coal and gelatin are affordable products that are easy to find at home or buy at a nearby store. Further on, the usual mask can be supplemented with products at your own discretion. Instead of milk, you can always take ordinary boiled water, only then there will not be such a good softening effect. You can repay it by using a nutritious cream – apply after thoroughly removing the mask.

Activated charcoal for acne

Charcoal paired with gelatin well fights and acne. It is enough to add a couple of medication tablets and gelatin with a spoonful of fresh aloe juice and a pinch of sea salt. Add a couple of drops of essential oil (it is better to take tea tree oil). Dilute with a spoonful of milk or water. The mask will save you from the black points, and from the pimples, while smoothing the tone! Read also:

Activated charcoalActivated charcoal with gelatin and cocoa

Coal + gelatin + cocoa. Cut a tablet of coal, mix with a spoon of cocoa and gelatin, dilute, with two spoons of natural yogurt. Preheat until warm – the mask should not burn the skin! Apply for twenty minutes. Suitable for all skin types.

Activated charcoal for cleansing

Grind the charcoal pellet to the state of the powder, dilute with water, and add lemon juice and three drops of essential oil. Mix well, apply to thin scrap. After the mask, do not forget to rub the skin with a tonic! If you want to further soften and moisturize your face, then the lemon juice in the recipe is replaced with milk.

Activated charcoal with black clay

Combine a tablet of charcoal with a spoon of cosmetic black clay, dilute with milk, pour a spoonful of gelatin powder, and insist fifteen minutes in the heat. It is applied as a mask-film. It cleans well the clogged pores. After such a mask, it is necessary to close the opened pores so that they do not get clogged up with dust and dirt again – just wipe the skin with an ice cube.

Activated charcoal with yoghurt

A couple of tablets of coal mixed with a spoonful of lemon juice and the same amount of low-fat yogurt. You should get a homogeneous mass – put it on your face, keep it for twenty minutes. Then wash with warm water. The mask is effective against clogged pores, it perfectly balances the complexion.

In the end, all the activated charcoal masks work well against black spots, blackheads and well exfoliates the top layer of the skin. The face looks younger and fresher. But because of the strong effect of the mask, you should not repeat it more than twice a week.

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