activated charcoal

What is the mask for the face of activated charcoal and gelatin?

Mask from activated charcoal, gelatin and milk is an effective remedy. First of all, before applying, everyone is interested in what effect the mask brings against black spots. Each ingredient of it fulfills its role in the matter of rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin of the face.

Activated Charcoal

Mask-Film Of Gelatin And Activated Charcoal For Cleaning The Skin

Mask-film of gelatin and activated charcoal works on the same principle as cosmetic strips. The simplest gelatin masks for blackheads are made on the basis of water or milk, but sometimes, especially with sensitive skin, they add honey or activated charcoal, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Gelatin masks are very useful for the skin, as they enrich the skin with collagen, making it more elastic. Therefore, the mask-film not only effectively cleanses the pores, but also makes the skin supple and taut. Before applying this mask, you need to steam up your face, for which you can use herbal decoctions, for example, chamomile.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal – Cleansing the body in one day

Poor food, polluted environment, bad habits – all this leads to slagging of the human body in a little bit, but every day. As is known, there are quite a lot of methods and means for purifying the digestive system and the body as a whole from the accumulated harmful substances and toxins. One of them is activated charcoal distinguished by its availability and effectiveness.

Activated Charcoal

Home Face Masks with Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon is a known remedy that is used for food poisoning and slimming. But few people know that activated charcoal can have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, if it is used in house masks.

Face masks with activated charcoal are quite unattractive in appearance, but have a good effect for cleaning the skin from dirt and detoxification. Such masks help not only to remove excess fat and impurities from the pore surface, but also to remove harmful impurities gradually accumulating in the skin.