Activated Charcoal

Blackheads: Black Mask with Activated Charcoal

The mask with activated charcoal from blackheads is popular due to its efficiency, simplicity and accessibility.

In addition, 10 – 20 minutes with a black face from a coal is a fun procedure for those who know how to treat their own appearance with humor.

Also in this article you will find information about where the blackheads come from and how to defeat them quickly and / or forever.

Corks, clogging the pores dilated due to impaired metabolism, are called blackheads, and in cosmetology – by open blackheads.

Black color they are not obliged to pollution, as many believe, but to substances formed during oxidative reactions.

The cells of the uppermost and the thinnest horny layer of the skin are formed by dead cells of the epidermis. They constantly exfoliate, renewing the skin.

However, in the epidermis of the fatty type, this process slows down, the cells do not have time to remove and many processes in the skin are violated. In particular, compressed with sebum, these cells fill the pores.

There are various ways to get rid of them, including a mask with activated charcoal, but, first, for a short while, sometimes the return of blackheads can be noticed after a few hours after cleansing the pores.

Secondly, some ways to remove blackheads can lead to undesirable consequences. For this reason, one should think not only about the immediate goal – to get rid of black points, but also to try not to spoil the skin.

For example, mechanical cleaning of the face or simple squeezing can cause redness of the skin and even a serious inflammatory process. Read also:

Regular mechanical action can disrupt skin tone, which can cause the pores to lose their ability to narrow.

With care, you should approach the execution of masks with soda and salt. They are effective and positively affect the skin, but for sensitive skin with closely located capillaries are not suitable.

Activated CharcoalMasks with activated charcoal can over dry the skin, so this should also be monitored.

There are three basic strategies to fight against black points. The first will be especially liked by people who do not like to make efforts, because the only thing that is required is to have patience and wait until it goes by itself, since 90% of people have a normal skin fatigue after 30 years.

Obvious disadvantages of this “strategy” is that all youth will have to put up with a lackluster color, uneven relief of the face, pimples and blackheads.

In addition, disturbed metabolic processes will not allow the realization of the youthful potential inherent in the epidermis of the fatty type.

And there are no guarantees that it is you who do not enter the 10% of people who will have to fight against excessive fat content longer than others.

The second strategy is based on careful care of the face. Daily cleansing of the skin, regular masks and scrubs, special cosmetics.

All this is troublesome and costly, but with age, when the girlfriends with porcelain in their youth will begin to fussily seek methods of fighting wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin, you will fully enjoy the result of your efforts.

The third strategy is the most global, it is based on eliminating the causes of excessive fat content of the skin and associated with it aesthetic defects. There are two reasons: diet and hormonal background.

Every dermatologist knows that lovers of sweet, fatty, fried, spicy and simply harmful do not differ in ideal skin.

It is enough to balance the diet, diversify it with vegetable fiber, sour milk products, proteins and complex carbohydrates, and the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized in time.

The hormonal background normalizes the movement. Seven kilometers a day every day – it’s such walking tours in a few months that will calm the raging hormones, and the result will be reflected on the face.

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