black mask

How to make and apply a black mask at home

The black mask quickly freezes after application, forming a dense film and drawing out all superfluous: fatty adjournment, a dust, and toxins.

At the next stage, nutrients enter all layers of the skin, thereby improving metabolic processes, smoothing wrinkles, improving the color and firmness of the face.

Antiseptic properties of the mask can stop the reproduction of bacteria, eliminate inflammation and remove skin irritation.

Effective Black Mask recipes

It’s quite easy to make a black mask yourself. It consists of inexpensive, affordable products. Before cooking, you must always pay attention to the freshness of all components, otherwise there will be no result.

Black mask-film with gelatin and activated charcoal tones, cleanses and moisturizes the skin. If you use it regularly, the effect will be stunning.

To make the effect of the mask on the skin softer, milk should be used instead of water. So, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablet of activated charcoal;
  • 1 tsp. gelatin;

Gelatin mixed with powdered activated charcoal, add milk and heat in a microwave for just a few seconds. Apply the mixture, evenly spreading all over the face, then wait until it dries completely and remove the mask. To apply it is necessary 1 time (a maximum 2, at very problem skin of the face) in a week. Read also:

Another effective tool is the black mask, which is based on clay. At home, cook it very quickly.

black maskThe mask with clay and tea tree oil well narrows the pores, normalizes the process of the sebaceous glands, removes the greasy gloss and improves the complexion.

For preparation it is necessary:

  • 1 tbsp. l. black (cosmetic) clay;
  • 1 tsp. vinegar apple;
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil;
  • Water boiled.

It is necessary to mix all the ingredients before the creamy condition. Apply a uniform layer, on the problem areas, make a thicker layer. After drying, wash off the mask and apply anti-inflammatory cream. Do this procedure enough once a week.

Mask with black clay and honey removes fat and toxins, tones up the skin, normalizes the process of the sebaceous glands.

Black mask with honey and black clay, in addition to cleansing the face, can be used in the fight against cellulite

For preparation you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. l. black clay;
  • 1 tsp. honey of natural;
  • 1 tsp. dry mustard;
  • Water boiled.

Mix all ingredients until creamy, apply for 1 hour, covering the treated areas with food film or towel. Then rinse and apply a nourishing cream.

This mask can be applied to the sides, hips and abdomen, because it is effective in fighting cellulite.

Black Mask from curative mud removes small wrinkles of the face, fills the skin with necessary trace elements, removes black spots, dries pimples, has a strong antibacterial effect.

Black mask from mud is also easily prepared at home. Need 2 tbsp. l. a powder of medical mud to dissolve in boiled water and to put means on the person. After 15 minutes, the mask can be washed off. For antibacterial and anti-aging effect, you can add 1 tsp sea buckthorn to the mask.

Results from the regular use of the above masks, if you follow all instructions and tips will be immediately visible.

Is the glue-based mask safe?

It’s hard to even imagine that there are mask for the face, the basis of which is glue. But they struggle well with black dots and problem skin. The glue is not toxic, therefore no harm can be done to the skin.

As it dissolves well in water, masks on its basis are easily washed off.

Adhesive is used to get the effect of the film. At the same time, it absorbs skin fat, toxins, black spots.

PVA is a safe glue, it is used in masks, but it is still necessary to make a test for allergy, since each organism has individual tolerance.

To prepare the mask, you need three tablets of activated charcoal, they need to be diluted with glue to a creamy state. The mask is washed off after 20 minutes after application. Black points remain when removed on film, and the face acquires a freshness and a matte shade.

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