activated charcoal

What is the mask for the face of activated charcoal and gelatin?

Mask from activated charcoal, gelatin and milk is an effective remedy. First of all, before applying, everyone is interested in what effect the mask brings against black spots. Each ingredient of it fulfills its role in the matter of rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin of the face.

Gelatin is a natural product of collagen processing. The use of it inside or outwardly replenishes in the body much needed protein.

Gelatin is a gelling substance without color and odor, usually used as a thickener. It is obtained by processing the connective tissues of animals, that is, tissues that have collagen in their composition.

Cartilages, veins, bones of calves and pigs are boiled for a long time, while water is evaporated, and the remaining solution is cooled. The resulting thick jelly is dried. This is gelatin, a mixture of protein substances.

In gelatin, a large number of amino acids are present, necessary for the synthesis of connective tissue: proline and lysine. Therefore, taking gelatin, for example, with dislocations and fractures, the restoration of bone tissue occurs much faster. In addition to amino acids, gelatin contains calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Unique properties of collagen have long been used in cosmetology, it is included in the composition of creams and masks. Read also:

Animal collagen, included in food gelatin, is less effective than vegetable or marine. Its molecules are too large to penetrate the stratum corneum and increase the amount of collagen.

Activated charcoal

However, masks from food gelatin have other useful properties …

  • Soften, moisturize and bleach the skin;
  • Tighten the contour;
  • Clean the pores and narrow them;
  • Stimulate blood circulation and improve complexion.

It’s nice that food gelatin is inexpensive, and masks from it are available to any woman.

Contraindications to the use of masks from gelatin

  • An allergic reaction to it. Before experimenting with gelatin masks, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test by applying a small amount of gelatin on the inner side of the wrist or on the skin behind the ear, and observe the skin reaction. If there are red spots or itching on the test site, it is contraindicated to use gelatin masks.
  • Damage to the skin, neoplasms, acne.
  • Visible mesh of vessels on the face.
  • Too sensitive skin.

Activated charcoal – the most famous sorbent, is able to effectively split, neutralize and remove from the body all harmful substances. It also will narrow the pores and provide an easy anti-inflammatory effect.

Activated charcoal is a unique natural substance that neutralizes everything harmful in our body, removes toxins and toxins. Caring agents based on charcoal tablets complex effect on the skin and work in different directions.

Milk, which is part of the mask, will soften and whiten the skin.

Before using the mask, it is necessary to steam the skin in any way. Perhaps it will be a water bath, a warm compress or another habitual way. Diluted and supple skin will only enhance the cleansing effect.

Using such a mask-film regularly, you can already in the very near future to feel how the face will become radiant and beautiful. Due to the fact that the mask for acne – gelatin and activated charcoal is easily prepared at home, every woman can use it.

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