Activated Charcoal

Mask-Film Of Gelatin And Activated Charcoal For Cleaning The Skin

Mask-film of gelatin and activated charcoal works on the same principle as cosmetic strips. The simplest gelatin masks for blackheads are made on the basis of water or milk, but sometimes, especially with sensitive skin, they add honey or activated charcoal, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Gelatin masks are very useful for the skin, as they enrich the skin with collagen, making it more elastic. Therefore, the mask-film not only effectively cleanses the pores, but also makes the skin supple and taut. Before applying this mask, you need to steam up your face, for which you can use herbal decoctions, for example, chamomile.

After the gelatin mask should be closed, cleaned pores, so that they do not get an infection. To this end, you can use a lemon-protein mask, ice cubes from lemon water, decoction of marigold or chamomile, etc.

When sebum, which is a mixture of lipids, is released in a moderate amount, it serves as a lubricant to the skin, enhances its barrier and antimicrobial properties. In addition, it softens the skin and makes it more elastic.

The increased production of sebum causes its excess and leads to blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands. That is, in fact, blackheads are the sebaceous plugs that arise in the pores over time. The sebaceous secret, into which the dying cells get into contact, when it comes into contact with air, gradually oxidizes, hardens and darkens, tightly “sealing” the pores. Sebaceous plugs are the potential nucleus of acne, and if this problem is not dealt with, black spots can develop into acne, as bacteria and microorganisms present on the skin of a person penetrate under sebaceous plugs, accumulate there and become a hotbed of inflammation. Read also:

Activated CharcoalBut what if the hated blackheads have already appeared and spoil your mood when you look at yourself in the mirror? First of all, do not be upset, because in order to get rid of them, you do not need to make an appointment with a beautician or buy expensive cosmetics. You can simply and quickly at home to deal with this problem yourself, using a gelatin mask for the face from the black spots.

Mask for blackheads with gelatin and activated charcoal

Gelatin mask with activated charcoal perfectly cleans the skin, pulling even very strong dirt from the pores. It is prepared in the same way as the basic one, just before putting the mixture on a water bath or in a microwave, add to it two or three tablets of activated charcoal, crushed into powder. Then the procedure is done, as in the first case.

Gelatin masks based on vegetable and fruit juices

To prepare a gelatin mask you can use fruit and vegetable juices, which will help simultaneously with the cleaning of pores to nourish the skin with vitamins and beneficial substances. Fruit and vegetable gelatin masks are prepared in the same way as the base mask, but instead of milk and water for gelatin, freshly prepared juices of vegetables or fruits are used.

To prepare such masks, you can use almost any juice, only consider that for oily skin it is better to use juice of orange, grapefruit, lemon or carrot, and for dry – apple, beet or banana.

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